Ye Old Bakery

Tea Lounge


Ye Old Bakery established right in the heart of the epochal Lutyens Delhi has been creating sweet magical indulgences since 1983. Its refined atmosphere, laden with history and age-old recipes gives the guests an enlightening experience at one of the oldest bakeries in the country. Ye Old Bakery always delivers excellence in taste and aesthetics with respect to its diverse offerings. From our cakes and pastries to bread and savories, we adhere to the highest standards of perfection and creativity. 

We use authentic and high-quality ingredients to curate delectable desserts and provide high-end culinary offerings to our guests.

With its iconic dessert, The Corn Pudding, and The Bitter Chocolate cake, Ye old bakery has always been a part of all extravagant family affairs. Under the exceptional culinary craftsmanship of one of its oldest and most diligent chefs, Mahendra Singh who has been piping out those corn kernels on the corn pudding for the last 38 years.

At Ye Old Bakery, some of the popular guest favorites are- Cream Roll, and Pineapple Pastry, The guests also have the freedom and luxury of customization and personalization of the bakery’s offerings. 

10:00 AM – 09:00 PM


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