Authentic Thai Restaurant

Presenting Thailand’s most endearing legacy- its food.

Erawaan is a Thai-inspired dining experience that brings Thailand’s vibrant opulence to the nation’s capital. The restaurant’s interiors are a modern interpretation of contemporary design that pays homage to the long-standing history of India and Thailand. The walls are decorated with vibrant Thai art inspired by the Ramayana, and the ceiling is covered in magnificent mandalas. The restaurant’s calm décor, which covers a spacious 1638 square feet, is inspired by the serenity of a modern Thai living room, transporting customers to the opulent luxury of Thailand.

Erawaan invites discerning diners to embark on a gastronomic voyage to Thailand, featuring an exquisite selection of delectable Thai delicacies crafted using only the finest ingredients. The menu, expertly curated by a Thai Master Chef with 21 years of culinary experience, Tarathip Nooriengsai, is a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary dishes, with a focus on exceptional quality and impeccable presentation.

12:30 – 02:45 PM | 07:00 – 10:45 PM


Menu Highlights

Kaeng Pad, Gui Chai, Tao Hoo, Khao Grapaw, Yam Tua Ploo, Som Tum 

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